Sunday, June 22, 2008

A year and three months later and... we have our wedding pictures!!

Engagement Pictures taken in San Francisco

Overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and San Fran Bay

At the Reception- April 14, 2007

My reception bouquet

Cutting the cake...there was no smashing!

At the temple after our sealing- March 30, 2007

Together Forever

Hey Fam and Friends! I can't believe I haven't updated our blog in two months... we have been pretty busy. Jeff is busy with Summer school (Business Math and Biology crammed into six weeks... yuck!) and he is still waking up at the wee hours of the night to go to work at UPS. I am working at Brashers being the Payroll Administrator (doesn't that sound like I am a professional or something?). I take my Writing Profeciency Exam next month for school and then I will sign up for Fall classes at CSUS. Jeff and I helped out at Twilight Camp last week. It is a nightly camp for cub scout boys. From 5:30 to 8:30pm we got to teach the boys how to play Frisbee Golf! They had a lot of fun. It was quite the experience for me since I never had any brothers and I know zilch about Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts...tiger what?

Well the time has finally come where we got our wedding pictures back. I have to tell you that it is partly my fault that it took so dang long to get our pictures and it's partly our photographer's fault. But needless to say I am very happy and thought I should post some for you. Going back and looking at these pictures makes me realize how grateful I am to have found Jeff and how happy it made me that he took me to the temple. We laugh every day, mostly he is laughing at me and mostly I am laughing at myself, but we have so much fun together!