Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer fun in Seattle

Jeff and I flew to Seattle on Saturday a few weeks ago to check out downtown and have a fun day trip before school started. Jeff's mom went with us too (thats how we got to fly...thanks Stephanie!). We checked out the World famous "Pikes Market" and went to the Space Needle. The fresh flowers at the market were gorgeous and the people watching was a lot of fun.

Jeff and Shanna in the city

Space NeedleMt. Rainer from the first class window

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer Fun

Melissa Burk (aka Beekers) and her boyfriend David invited us to go boating at Camp Far West Lake a few weeks ago. It was beautiful, we got there just as the sun was setting. A little chilly, but we still got in the water and went swimming.

We had quite the adventure. It all started when a police officer was going really slow behind us. We pulled over thinking we were going to get a speeding ticket and then the cop went around us. A couple feet ahead we ran into this:
Moral of the picture?

Once we got to the lake, Melissa and I were chillin' in the truck while the guys did all the hard work (ya know, getting the boat unhooked and putting fuel in it, stuff they actually enjoy) and then... we had a killer mud wasp attack! The wasp almost ate Melissa alive so I did what I had to do to save us and I threw the beach towel out the window (the wasp was on the towel). The boys didn't think it was as life threatening as we did, but then again they didn't see the wasp. It was a close call but we lived to tell about it... thankfully.

Then we went on the lake with David's speed boat and had lots of fun going so fast that we all had tears in our eyes. Beekers actually went so fast that David fell off the boat and this was her reaction...
and here is David waiting to be picked up...
and it turns out David just jumped off the boat to get a reaction from Melissa, silly boy!

We went swimming in the lake and almost got sucked up by an octopus, and then found out it was just seaweed. Almost another life threatening moment (but again the boys didn't seem to think so)!


Jeff loved being on the water and was very excited when he got to drive the boat.

Melissa and David

We had a great time! Can we do it again...maybe with a tube that has all the plugs!? Love ya Beekers!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Insulin Pump Update

I have been approved for the insulin pump and it is in the mail-it should be here by Tuesday!! After that I have to go to training to learn how to use it. I am so excited that I have accomplished a long time goal of mine... I'll update more as I learn how to use it.