Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here is what we have been up to during April and May...


I was in a bad car accident last Saturday where a car rammed into my passenger side at 40 MPH. Our Nissan Sentra is totaled but I am okay. It was scary and intense but I know someone was looking out for me to have walked away from such a bad scene.

Jeff injured his left knee at work (UPS) and just found out he has a complex tear on his meniscus (the cushioning on the inside of the knee). We learned today that he will have to have surgery to have the tear cut out. The healing takes anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. Looks like he has new summer plans!

Our first place :)

We live closer to Sac State now. Our whole apartment is the size of our old master bedroom, but we are nice and cozy and having fun! Jeff only has to commute 5-10 minutes to work, rather than 40 minutes. And he walks to school from home. We couldn't have been more grateful for the opportunity we had to start the first years of our marriage house sitting for such great friends, the Bassett family. It was something that has blessed us immensely and we will never forget their kind service to us.

  • Jeff has been super busy with school, and he finishes his last final tomorrow for the semester.
  • I have been wearing my welcome out at Kaiser, still trying to adjust medicine for my stomach problems.
  • We celebrated my sisters 19th birthday and I am still trying to believe that she is that old.

  • We took pictures for Mother's Day...

  • We went to a Rivercats game and had some fun in the sun.